Our Hospital has established Prosthesis Center to cover the need of Somali Citizens. In the past Somali patients used to go abroad to make prosthesis, from now on Prosthesis Center with modern equipments will provide all relevant prosthesis services in our Hospital. A year ago 55 years old patient named Asli Mohamed Muse has been admitted to our hospital due to Diabetic Foot and amputated under the left knee (Transtibial level). After the recovery of the stump, she applied to our Prosthetic Orthotic Center. Our patient was informed about the prosthesis at our Center, which is still in the establishment stage, and an appointment was made for a later date. After completing the setup of our Prosthetic Orthotics Center, the patient was informed and the prosthesis measurement was taken.A week later, the below-knee prosthesis has been brought to the rehearsal stage, put it on our patient, the patient were helped to stand up and walk.After two weeks of prosthetic walking training, the patient has been successfully discharged. Asli Mohamed Muse, who completed the prosthesis and started walking again; she said Alhamdulillah I am fine, I can walk again and I will start new life.   Prostetist Necati Yücel YILDIZ, who installed and applied Prosthetics to a patient with a transtibial amputation for the first time in Somalia,; said that the Center will benefit more patients and it will also be  permanent service to Somali Citizens.

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